Who are we?

TECNOPROEX is the reference for the ELPROEX Group as a global operator for
metallic processed products, logistic resources and special welding.

Tecnoproex S.L., a company belonging to the Elproex Business Group, and located on the Jundiz industrial estate in Vitoria-Gasteiz, has a proven track record in its market with more than 20 years’ experience devoted to the special welding sector, from which we have expanded into other areas: metal shaping, general boiler works, development, manufacturing of logistical resources, maintenance of special containers, and metal structures. Our technical office includes an engineering area, so we can develop new ideas and turn them into the value our customers require and so develop high quality, safe concepts to suit our customers.


Commitment to the Environment

At Tecnoproex, we are committed to encouraging sustainable development practices to reduce our environmental impact according to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We have made a firm commitment to the present and future of our planet. At Tecnoproex, we are fully involved in quality and the environment, optimising and reducing the necessary energy resources, recycling raw materials and correct management of all waste.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tecnoproex, we have three basic mainstays that ensure our business activity and its long-term sustainability.

  • Ethics and consistency: we have a code of conduct, a supplier’s code and a solid commitment to the environment.
  • Integrity: full commitment to health and safety in the workplace, diversity and equality among our staff.
  • Transparency: our management is entirely transparent, both internally and externally in all lines of action undertaken and projects developed.
Corporate Social Responsibility


At Tecnoproex we commit ourselves every day to offer the best service, to satisfy all our clients and our values are based on efficiency, quality and service, investing in a job well done.

All our processes are certified by ISO9001:2015, ISO3834-2 and EN1090





Our continuous backing for new technologies and the most advanced machinery means that we can offer an exclusive service, adapted to the needs of each project. At our facilities, we perform all types of special welding, applying various welding systems, so we can carry out any special welds on materials with the same mechanical and chemical characteristics, and also with different characteristics from the base material.


How can we help you?

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